Case Studies

This is an ever evolving Ad Report August 20, 2022


  • Gained Access to Accounts ✅
  • Developed and Deployed Social Ads ✅
  • Dynamically generated delivery ⭐️
  • Reached 45,257 people
  • Resulting in 2,876 clicks

Biggest risk

Bookings dependant on availability for vacation goer as well as properties.

Ads Examples July 2022

Short-Term Rental Advertising Colorado
Short-Term Rental Advertising Colorado
Short-Term Rental Advertising Colorado

Ad Result Image

The image of the exterior of 326 Alpine Mountain Way performed the best, followed by the image of the pool from Boulder-1.  However, the bottom 3 have better Click Through Rates.

Short-Term Rental Advertising Colorado

Ad Results - Primary Text
The text that performed the most is

Digital Marketing Colorado
Short-Term Rental Advertising Colorado

A Luxurious and a spacious beachfront vacation home in Crystal Beach Texas.

Calculating ROI: Return on investments

Here’s a look at 2 months of my ads, and $76,000+ in bookings:

I spent less than $600 on advertising for the months of March - April 2022. Less than $300/month in ad cost.

It brought just over 100,000 people to my Ad.

About 8.5% clicked on my ads, this was my first run, so the Click Through Rate (CTR) has improved as I’ve adapted the ads to what people click on most. 

Most of our bookings were influenced by the ads. The Law of Averages dictates that the more eyes on an offer, the more people will buy the offer. 

Simply sharing your vacation rental with people who aren’t actively looking for where to book, might encourage a trip!

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