Want to know more and maximize your STR bookings every month?

Come join the STR Ads workshop, and fix up your online presence for your Short Term Rental.

Join the author of "How to Excel at Short Term Rental Advertising", Mike Denman (CEO of creative advertising agency Better Than Awesome), for a 2-hour intensive walkthrough on how to advertise on Social Media.

In this workshop, the participant will:

  • A complimentary copy of my book, “How to Excel at Short Term Rental: Advertising” (Valued at $28)
  • Quick start guide on digital presence for STRs (a $17 value)
  • Personal guidance for setting up and running ads on meta (valued at $300)
  • Demographic targeting recommendations within the Special ad category: Housing
  • How to avoid ad rejections & account restrictions
  • Live Q&A

Join our workshop for only $59.99 and accelerate your Short Term Rentals bookings! See you there!

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